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Optical measuring machine for turned parts

Including a patented cutting-oil removal system


Dimensional and geometrical measurements, timings, threads and defects check on 360 degrees.
In a few seconds, up to 6 parts at once.

MP1 Series | Groundbreaking optical measurement machines

The MP1 series of optical measurement machines is the most innovative system for automating optical checks right into the plant floor.

We have in fact defined a new concept of digital profilometer, developing a unique product which is capable of measuring many pieces at once, easy to use, and can automatically remove the cutting oil from the inspeted parts surface prior to the measurements.


Why choose the MP1 Series?

Ready for the plant floor

Digital profilometers of the MP1 Series are easy to use for any machine operator, the user interface implements the modern concepts of UI design and does not require any effort to be learnt. In addition, no PC is required to operate the machine, making it an exceptionally compact.

Can measure multiple products at once

Those models which feature multiple stations, can do all the measurements on a group of productcs at once (patent pending). That not only speeds up the measurement of a group of products, but makes the MP1 series the perfect fit for multi-spindle lathes.

Removes cutting oils before each measurement

Thanks to the optional cutting olis removal system integrated right into the machines (international patent pending), manually cleaning the products is no more required to get accurate and reliable results: the cutting oli will be evenly removed from the product surface before any measurement.

Who we are

We are an Italian company made up of young engineers passionate about technology applied to the industry.

What we do

We develop innovative ideas and products, mostly in the field of automatic visual quality checkings.

Where we are

We are based in Milan, Italy. If you want to meet us feel free to get in touch!