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A new generation of digital optical profilometers to be used right onto the factory floor

Our goal with the MP1 Series of digital optical profilometers was a challenging one: to automate measurements by sampling and archive the results right onto the factory floor, getting rid of most of the gauges, touch probes and templates, along with the hassles of their implementation and management.

That meant rethinking the common idea of a digital profilometer as a machine reserved to the quality office, to design a whole new product that could be used right next to the machine tool, measuring parts that were still covered in cutting fluids, checking several parts at once in seconds,  providing a user experience tailored to the factory environment.

The result is more than just a new digital profilometer, it’s a unique automatic machine that can measure up to 6 (or 12) parts at once, right out of the lathe: no parts cleaning required, no user intervention, no external computers.
And this is only half of the story.

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Who we are

We are an italian engineering company, made up of young people keen on technology applied to the industry. We like to apply new ideas to the design of products intended to solve problems arising in the field of visual quality checks and measurements.


What we do

We design and build innovating industrial machines to automate end-of-line visual inspections, and quality checks by sampling on lathes onto the factory floor

Where we are

We do our software development and machines design in Milan (Italy), in a big technologic office. Also, we build our machines in a warehouse in Besnate, nearby the airport of Milan Malpensa. Want to meet? Contact us, you will be welcome!

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